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Nike Five Air Zoom Control II Green Indoor

Excellent used condition

The Upper:

  • Crafted with a synthetic Teijin material that was soft, flexible, and spongey
  • The iconic Nike Five series was the most premier indoor series ever made by any brand, using custom materials best suited for indoor play
  • The toe area used a harder synthetic material with extra reinforcement for a better strike zone for futsal
  • The upper was perforated to help with ventilation indoors, and the heel cup used the ZoomAir technology

The Sole Plate:

  • The sole plate had the most intricate details of an indoor shoe at the time
  • There were 6 circular "sense spots" that helped with traction while cutting on and indoor surface
  • The sole plate used a series of grooves and suction cup like elements throughout for increased indoor traction

Notes and Comments:

  • These are the most technologically advanced pair of shoes for indoor and futsal ever
  • Nothing has ever come close to the Nike Five series, the most perfect shoe for indoor and hard surface play