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Adidas Messi 16.1 Bronze FG

New with box

The Upper:

  • The newest Messi model featured some major changes from the previous F50 line
  • A newly designed upper with a material called "AgilityKnit" was used
  • It featured a lightweight synthetic design with a circular textured upper, similar to the original Hypervenom 

The Sole Plate:

  • Adidas continued with the sprint frame design from the Adizero
  • The sole plate had some slight changes, some extra reinforcement near the forefoot was added
  • Overall, the studs were very similar to the Adizero design, the main difference was the back 2 studs were rounded off instead of triangular.  A spec that Messi used on his boots as well

Notes and Comments:

  • The Messi line replaced the long standing F50 line
  • Overall, these were very similar to the previous Adizero, the upper was a very similar shape, just a new Agility Knit material was used
  • The sole plate was built for speed as well, nearly identical to the previous Adizero sole plate